Saturday, March 29, 2014

CHOOSE A LINE (Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Dirt Biking and LIFE)

//  Mountain Biking  //

Just the other day I was running down the Palmer Trail in Garden of the Gods. The downhill sections make for a potential face-plant if you are not careful. I didn't wan to be careful, so I put the gas on and didn't look back. In that process I was reminded of a life-parallel-lesson. Watch the Video...then we can talk....

??  Inside Line, Outside Line, More Speed, More Control  ??
??  Less Bumps, Less Risk, More Simple, More Technical  ??

When traveling that fast downhill, you can neglect to be intentional if you would like, but eventually, you will pay the price. You will face-plant, smack a tree, head off a ridge, end-over right in front of your girlfriend, or at the least, be slower and more tired than necessary. 


While running is slower than riding a bike, there are still dangers and considerations. One difference is, you are absorbing the shock, keeping balance and adjusting speed, all with your legs and feet. On a bike you have breaks, shocks and tires. When trail running, you are it. So, one tactic is to use small hills, embankments, boulders, trees or inclines to control speed and maintain balance. If you just point down and go, well.....that gets bad for most of us over 40....really fast. 


When under the power and weight of an actual dirt bike, like I was here, you have even more need to use restraint, balance, technique and sometimes...good old fashioned prayers.....

You have power pushing you, more weight and less nimbleness. You can stop, turn, power up and power down, but you better know what you are doing when heading down Captain Jacks trail in the Rocky Mountains. When you choose the wrong line at 35 miles per hour, hit a boulder in the middle of the trail, end-over with 200lbs of bike coming over on you, that becomes a bad day. (not that I would know from experience)....

The lesson here is a life lesson. CHOOSE A LINE. This means you have vision and decision making skills. It means you have practiced, fallen and been hurt before. It also means you are brave enough to move forward instead of standing or sitting still. A person who heads toward their dreams, toward their goals, toward the next place in life will sometimes find themselves moving downhill quite fast. Downhill can seem like a difficult section of the life-trail, but we all know just through the valley there will be another up hill

Up hill is great. Symbolically, we see uphill as a difficult climb, but worth the work..........

because eventually you get to the level with a view.....
to your goals, to the summit. 

We all associate UP with improvement and increase, but we must not forget the challenge of the downhill. We must have courage to stand on the foot pegs or the pedals and let the bike take the impact. To think ahead, look ahead and choose the best, safest, line in the trail. If you wait until you round that next corner to choose, you may be going to fast to change directions, see that huge root coming out of the grown and..there you go..we call it "superman".  

//  LIFE  //

I hope the symbolism is not too much. It hits home with me and I thought it might hit home with you. Stop second-guessing, stop slowing down due to a lack of vision. Look up, forward, down the road head, see the obstacles, see the better line, even if it is the line others have neglected to see. Be careful of the line everyone else is taking, see the truth for yourself, be true to your ability, your readiness and your skill, then, get really good at choosing a line

Psalm 119:105    
"Your WORD is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."  

If you want to develop more skill at choosing the best line in LIFE, begin with God's WORD. Learn what he says, how he has made you and what ability he has given you. You will learn to go faster, slower, inside, outside, rough or smooth. You will get stronger, smarter, wiser and become a great decision maker, based on His Truth, His Power and His Design for your path. 

That's how I see it anyway.......That's how I do it most days.....


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