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LEARN TO LEARN: I realized years ago that every chance I get to read the story of another persons life, I should take advantage of that. Shanna and I seem to do that alot. We are inspired, challenged and taught by the life others live in front of us and around us. We are students, that is for sure. We have learned to learn from others.

CHANGE OUR STARS: One thing we realized years ago was that our past should not necessarily dictate our future as some would say it must. We realized that we could "change our stars". There are a couple of foundational issues associated with this life of learning. I hope when I share them here, that someone, somewhere could benefit. 

DESTINY & DESIGN: For us, we believe the God of all creation has give us a destiny, a story that unfolds over years of learning to walk in the way he designed us to. This is not a perfect science, but it is a living story, with drama, fun, challenge, love, hate, pain and people. As we decide how we will then live, we would say....

1. It's not good enough to just be better than our parents. 
(don't we all say that at some point)

2. It's not good enough to just be good, comfortable or successful in eyes of society. 
(huge temptation though)

3. It's not good enough to just make it, to just get by. 
(there is more, we are more, God is more)

A NEW START THAT NEVER ENDS: When I said yes to Christ at 20 years old, I said yes to an entire lifestyle I actually knew nothing about. I decided that every area of my life needed attention. I decided that my past was NOT going to dictate my future, so I began a life-long discovery process of what God had designed for me and how I was to live that out. Below are areas Shanna and I have attempted to review & change where needed. We are not super systematic, so we have taken 20 years to work on these categories. 

RECENT FOCUS: Our most recent areas are MINISTRY CALLING, PHYSICAL HEALTH/WELLNESS, FINANCIAL LEGACY.  We believe we should leave a financial legacy for our children and their children. We believe we should try to be healthy for a longer, better life, and believe we should fulfill the ministry calling God has put upon our family. 

Other Categories we look at......

1. Servant Leadership             (Attitude, Availability, Action)
2. Education                          (Investment vs. Status)
3. Spiritual                            (Life vs. Religion)
4. Social                               (Friends & Culture)
5. Financial                           (Stewardship & Legacy)
6. Quality of Life                   (Enjoyment vs. Materialism)
7. Professional                     (Impact & Engagement)
8. Marriage & Family            (Foundation & Lifeblood)

BEING INTENTIONAL: Our experience with anyone over the age of 30 includes a realization that life is passing by, life is not going to hand us anything and that some level of intentional movement must develop before we are filled with regret and depression. For us, we feel blessed to have had pressure, pain, failure and disappointment along the way, as well as success, fun, joy and life. Those external forces cause us to stop and review along the way. I hope this is helpful to someone, in regards to a step by step review of the important areas of life. Take some time, consider your destiny, your design and take steps toward the life you were created to live.  

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