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3 Simple Keys


In most any selling environment, your best customer will be those who trust you. When you begin your conversations remember, you are actually beginning a relationship and remember, they don't know or trust you. The fastest way to build trust and gain their ear is to let them have yours. Right away, you show them, by listening, by asking questions and by telling them plainly, you want to help them get the most value for their money. Become their advocate in their search for answers, be the source of the solutions they seek and you will be more than someone who sells a product or serve, you will become a friend who is on their side.


Once you have established your sincere desire to partner with your new customer, move your relationship deeper, from advocate to detective by asking opened ended questions. Don't assume, ask and let them tell you. Listen to what they are saying and what they are not saying. In the process you will move your customer from a random person needing your help, to a client who is accepting your help. The detective makes it seem like he is objective and opened minded, not like he is selling a set list of products. This sales person is an expert on the products and services they have to offer and should become an expert at drilling down with questions, but don't push so hard as to discredit yourself and begin looking like the annoying salesperson again. The detective is an expert, but relational at the same time. Don't be satisfied with superficial questions or responses, go deeper and find the package and repeat solutions you can offer your new client.


Now is your chance to really impress and draw your new client in. They need something, they trust you, you understand their questions and needs and now you confidently teach them the what and how your services or products can solve their problem. You are not selling at this point. You are matching their needs to your solutions. They came looking, they listened this long, they are right there, ready to become your best client, it is your moment to be your best self, the teacher they were hoping to find. I know one global organization who hires many sales people a year, all over the world. One of their top criteria is for every person who deals with their new and existing clients have the heart of a teacher. You are the expert, after all, so don't be shy to act like it. You can say, I recommend, I suggest, I think you would look best in this. They are looking for suggestions and unless they have a very specific product in mind, are normally open to them.


Questions: Great sales people as great questions. In other blog posts, classes and seminars, I present and discuss some of the best questions for a variety of different environments.

Not So Common Sense: I have learned that each step of the ADT selling strategy includes some not-so-common-sense elements that really make things work well for the sales person.

Many Applications: I believe the ADT model can work in a huge variety of situations. From parenting, to church ministry, to conflict resolution and corporate training. I have used this technique to train hundreds of employees and produce top sales associates. This model has been used for guest relations training, visitor and hospitality teams in churches, and call center sales environments. With minor changes, the model provides a basic plan of success to develop a world class response to the needs of those you serve in your organization.


Classes, Seminars, Conference, Parent Training and Staff Training - Face to Face is my favorite way to communicate the truths I have learned in 20+ years of sales, service and non-profit work. For booking information please send an email with your request.

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