Monday, August 18, 2014

MAKE YOUR OWN PATH - Journey To Freedom (AdvoCare Business)


** Have you ever wanted to have your own business, a second stream of income or a plan for future income. 

** In November 2013 I was flown by life-flight to Denver with a life threatening brain bleed. I didn't cause it, I didn't want it, I couldn't prepare for it and I was shocked. (see pic below) I was blessed to make it home healthy and alive. After going back to work I realized several things...

a) I normally would not get paid if I could not "be at work".  
b) I was not viewed as stable and trustworthy in the workplace for some time after that issue. 
c) I had always wanted to grow a business that had a residual income feature to it, but had always been hesitant about these types of companies, almost dying will solve that hesitation. 
d) I had noticed several friends who earned great income and enjoyed their own business, schedule and rewards, but I couldn't say I knew what that felt like. 
e) I needed to begin planning for long term. (at 44 years old) and that I still had 20 years of prime working years to make something happen. Realizing "time" was my most valuable asset, I needed to get busy.  
f) My wife and I worked in the two most unpredictable areas of work in our country, non-profit, ministry and self employment. We own Creative Music Concepts. And we should be more than "right hearted" about our income and future, we should be strategic and "right headed" about the risks of working in the church, non-profit or self employment world. We needed to develop options for us, now, before it becomes a big problem. 

These and other questions helped Shanna and I decide to take the leap....ask yourself some questions and then jump on our call, bring a friend or spouse, or college student and listen in. 

Answer These Questions.....

1. Would you like to have income even when you are not "AT WORK"??
2. Would you say you are working & walking on "YOUR OWN PATH"??
3. Do you know any college students who need to make extra income??
4. Are you willing to work hard and enjoy a great community??
5. Do you have questions about the AdvoCare business opportunity??

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