Friday, October 10, 2014

FRIDAY FIRE - AdvoCare Update - 10/10/14

Dear Friends and Team Members,

Do you find that Friday's are a let down sometimes. I like the phrase "light a fire" and have always used it. Going into the weekends, I want to "light a fire" under you and bring some urgency to a new way of thinking about your Fitness and Financial Future. I want to give you something to think about, something that challenges you to redefine what normal looks like.

Do you or someone you know want something more than "hourly pay"?

Do you or someone you know want something more than "maybe some day"?​

Do you or someone you know want to "make a difference" in the lives of others?

Let me light a Friday Fire in your bones with this great video.   I don't share this with everyone, only those who may want to take a different path to Healthy Faith, Family, Fitness & Finances the way the Ramsdell Family has.

Watch all the way to the end and envision your next step to do one of three things....

1. Become an AdvoCare Distributor and begin the road to another income stream and better living.

2. Become an AdvoCare Advisor and begin earning income 5 ways, growing your team and helping others to live better.

3. Become an AdvoCare Advisor, Silver level and begin to earn significant income with all the fun that goes into seeing your team grow, having more financial options, feeling and looking better physically and building a list of stories where lives are changed for the better.

The Training Is There...
The Products Are There...
The Team is There...
The Value is There...

All that is needed is -- YOU.....

P.S. - Make it even more fun, bring 2 friends with you. We have found that you enjoy this business with your friends. So, grab a friend from the gym, or your kids' school, or your church or call a family member or neighbor and have them join you. Business is more like lifestyle when doing AdvoCare with you friends.

Our Story: Shanna and I can tell you that we earned our $500 Rookie Bonus at just the right time and our jump to Advisor ended with great stories from friends and family who lost weight, had more energy, felt better, looked better, slept better and some even found relief from ongoing medical issues.

P.S.S - If you know a friend who wants to get involved and would like help discussing this opportunity give me a shout. You all know that Shanna and I are "low pressure" about how this all works. We are excited to help you answer questions and build your team.

Have a Great Weekend,

Billy and Shanna Ramsdell
AdvoCare Advisors & Coaches
719-487-8581 c