Thursday, December 17, 2015

REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS (not what you think)

Linus is like the smartest little guy on the planet. While confusion and conflict rage, he brings the simple voice of hope to a land in desperate need. You Go Linus....good job. 

Let me share a fresh insight about what Christmas is really all about. 

Christmas is about the battle of our flesh. Our human flesh and selfish desires have been a source of strife and deadly pride, since human history began. The battle has raged on, do we serve ourselves, or do what is best for others. Do we love ourselves, what we know, like and prefer. Or, do we walk into a room where other people are and ask "how can I help'?

The competition in our hearts and the world around us tells us to "Become Someone"

The biblical scriptures, family and culture practices with a biblical and/or moral code says to
"Serve Someone"

 In college kids learn to "be something" or to "serve someone". Those who are humble enough to recognize their limitations, their need for others and the need to make others be more successful, are just the kind of place we all want to live and work. Why can't this be true in everyday life?

What if our children were taught to grow and learn so they could choose a path, career, family and ministry that actually did more than "make something of yourself". There is nothing wrong with that conventional wisdom, at face value. We would rather our kids make something of themselves than not. Being hopeless, homeless or forever dependent on parents or government is not the plan we have for them. However...

What if the goal is to do more than "make something of themselves"? What if our true purpose on this planet is to serve others, to live for their good, to use our skill and talent to bless others? What if our home, our schools, churches, community causes and cities became great places to raise a family, just because our kids grew up to make them better. 

One of my friends is a champion of "staying forth". His new book is called "staying is the new going". He shares a vision of a city where people focus on the value of staying instead of going. When our kids grow up, do they have a vision of staying for a long time and serving others. Or, do they have a vision for being great, famous, awesome and known all over (likes, followers, shares, pins, and posts)?

Young People

Please consider this challenge

Invest into yourself so that you grow to be a person who lives a life of compassion and service to those around you. 

Do this instead of falling victim to the trap of taking everything your parents, teachers, coaches, pastors, authors, professors, family and friends have given to you, and using simply on you. Don't fall victim to the idea you were born to simply 

Having great self esteem, believing in who God has made you to be, loving who God has made you to be, this is very important. Learning, growing, learning more....this is very good. The trick question of the heart is...who is it all for, me, or the people around me. 

I propose this, Jesus came to this earth as a baby in a manger with the single purpose, unto God, in submission to God, in line with his mandate and commission from God...
not himself

This is our Christmas Gift

This is the Real Meaning of Christmas



...the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many... 

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