Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ELISABETH ELLIOT (1926 - 2015)

HONOR AND RESTLESSNESS                         

It is 3:40 am. The day has now passed and we move on. We move on to work, play, vacation, eat, drink, carry on with our lives. Truth is, in America at least, the blurry white noise of life rushes by us, swirls around us and sweeps us away at the sound of our alarms every day. All the while, people die, important people, life changing people, they pass on and we rarely stop to consider the value or impact of their life on earth. The tide of our self-imposed importance sweeps us away, out to see and back, with little time to sit on the shore and watch a sunrise, then a noonday, then a dusk and sunset, being still, listening and learning. We are restless

It is 3:43 am. The day has now passed and we move on. But, can we stop to consider the impact of this one lady, Elisabeth Elliot? We study Presidents, Rulers, Poets, Actors, Singers, Painters, Warriors, Religious Leaders and even Murderous Dictators from days past. But, this may be a name we have missed in our school textbooks. Elliot is synonymous with the modern missions movement, according to some. Others may not be aware. So, check this out for a minute. Slow down. Give Honor

It is 3:45 am. I first heard the name Elisabeth Elliot, and Jim Elliot, when I started going to church. My mentors, Greg and Pam Rogers, shared about them and passed books Elisabeth had written around to our teens. As a young man, who had a very messed up past, in regards to girls, I took an interest when I saw her book "Passion and Purity".  If I remember correctly, it tells a real and captivating story of how a young man and woman honored God, their mission and their love for each other, with all the drama and suspense needed to create an epic adventure. This being far greater than reality tv, tabloid romance or social media fame. This was real, risky, hard, loving and powerful. 

It is 3:51 am. This initial impact upon my life is why I'm still awake now. I struggle to settle down and sleep, knowing that the day of her passing is also passing. When I sleep this morning and wake up, this day that ends her life on earth will have ended and I will have moved on. My prayer is that I can cherish the life and story that is Elisabeth Elliot, learn from her, honor her, teach my kids and friends about her and that all of us would have what she would want us to have, Jesus as our Friend, God as our Father and the Least-of-These as our Mission. 

It is 4:00 am. I guess it is tomorrow no matter if I sleep or not. She has passed away and we now have the duty to honor her life and memory. I have not completely read every word from the linked content below, nor every book she has written. But, I trust, if you are learning about the Elisabeth I learned about, your life will be changed as well.