Friday, September 18, 2015

-- explosive vision --

just my process --

          in this post i want to share a little about where i am right now, in regards to vision. this is less about my vision or my life and more about how each one of us may experience a new level of explosive vision, given the right circumstances. if something in this short post inspires you or challenges you, or if hope rises in your heart for a new season of explosive vision, i will feel i have obeyed my spirit to have shared it with you.

lately -- 

          i have been exploding with clarity about more things than I could have even prayed for in years past. i'm not sure why, actually, i just pray, listen, read, pray, listen, read and somewhere in that cyclone of circle-making, spirit-led processing i begin to see.

open eyes -- 

          i actually think it intensified recently when preparing to preach out of John 4:34-35 which reads, "My food, said Jesus, is the do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. ..... I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest."  i believe the call of Jesus to "open my eyes" and to look at what he is called to do and what he is calling me to do, which is go to the fields and to harvest those he has prepared for me to harvest, this calling shook me. it were as if he were slapping his hands together saying, hey, knucklehead, you are looking with your flesh and human senses. look where I am looking, care about what I care about and stop trying to get me sidetracked going to Sonic for a cheeseburger. 

focus --  

          maybe the fact that my focus has increased in the direction He says it should, means clarity about how to accomplish that commission becomes sharpened as a result. maybe the daily prayers of contrition that remind God i am not even sure what i am doing some days is the secret. maybe it is just a special season, for special work that i am just beginning to figure out, i'm not sure. but one thing I believe, focus on the harvest has gotten God's attention. 

explosive vision -- 

          if focus and clarity lead to anything, i might expect vision to result. if passion and zeal mix together with clarity, prayer, scripture, worship, brokenness and focus, which has been the cocktail of realities as of late, then i might expect a next level beyond vision, explosive vision. am i coming to the place where asking questions that are too hard to answer become my reality? am i truly about to move into a season where i attempt things i will likely fail at, say things i can only dream of fulfilling and trusting God for blessings i'm not sure i'm ready for? it has become beyond interesting to think about, it has become a little ridiculous and intense.     explosions usually are. 

what now -- 

          if i dare look beyond myself, if I dare believe beyond my faith, if i dare trust beyond my experiences, if i dare to close my eyes and leap into vision, explosive vision, what audacious things could i attempt, ask or expect....good question....and i sure look forward to learning the answers...

crazy - faith - mixed - with - explosive - vision = ???????????