Friday, January 1, 2016


She said "I will" but didn't.

He said "I promise" but changed his mind.

Will we recover the concept of keeping our word? 

An ancient text about vows teaches is to let our yes be yes and our no be no. 

Today can make a fresh and new act of dedication toward changing the tide in our own life and home. We suffer from two things, at least. See if we can change it up.  

1. Friday Night Syndrome 

2. The Back Door To Anything

The Friday Night Syndrome is a sickness upon most of western society subject to years of marketing that makes us feel like we may miss out on something great if we commit to what is good for today. We lack the fortitude to commit and stay faithful in Tuesday for fear that a better option may come up Friday. Sort of like high school dating. Say no to the good guy who asked in Tuesday because the great guy may ask on Friday. He never does. 

The Back Door To Anything is another psychological development in recent decades. It is a personal management practice that allows us to back out of relationships, jobs, mortgages, churches and more, for any reason we reason is necessary to us. 

Our vows are shallow, words made cheap and our standards low.

What happens when a team, a couple, a family or government keep their word, make principle based decisions containing value for the long term and follow through?? 

Yes, the world is made better and better, stronger and stronger and more full of trust, faith, hope and love. I like that world and hope we can all enjoy more of it in 2016. 

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