Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Anger and Frustration mount in our nation while our president gives his last State of the Union address. Not because he is democrat or republican, not because he is white or black, capitalist or not. These are some of the reasons why there continues to grow...fear, frustration, and apathy, in regards to political involvement. 
1. Loss of Fathers: When our politicians, police, parents, pastors, teachers, coaches, doctors, bankers and layers all give up their primary role as fathers in the home, in the city and nation, we leave our families and young people exposed. Our president has long lost the presence of a father. He seems to be proficient and accomplished in many areas, but he has lost the art of fathering the nation. Those mentioned above have been so focused on comfort, materialism, self advancement, video games, internet porn, bigger TV's and nicer cars, acting like children in adult form. For that we all suffer
2. Loss of Statesmanship: There used to be a national respect for the offices of leadership in government. When the President makes jokes, acts commonplace and speaks condescending to those who do not think like he does, statesmanship is lost. Scolding congress or other groups is poor taste and proof that he has no real solution ready to be executed. It's "their fault" is the cry of a poor statesman. 
3. Loss of Leadership: This President made scolding comments to others about the trappings of getting elected. His presidential campaign spent the largest amount of money in campaign history. "Telling" is not leadership. Blame is not leadership. Saying he "will" be bipartisan then 7 years later telling the people "he can't do these things on his own". Meaning, he can't actually meet people across the isle, compromise, influence and win over the others who might not follow his political party. Instead, he "tells" us about how it ought to be done, while using executive orders to execute on issues he could not influence congress to move on. That is the very definition of loss of leadership. This is not because he is a democrat, it is simply because he has become a great campaigner and poor leader. Leaders lead, everyone else talks
4. Lastly, we struggle as a people to trust, give involved and flourish in our political beliefs and systems because leaders like our present President are frankly, too inexperienced and inept to carry the weight of the station their advertising support systems purchase for them. He is simply too young, too inexperienced, too limited and too fragile. Like me and every young leader, he tends to talk a good game, without the wisdom, trials, failures and successes possessed by many of the sage-like leaders of years past. 
No leader is perfect. This president solved some problems and created others. He carried us through the past seasons the best he could, I really believe that. 
I'm not sure the republicans or independents, or any other party, for that matter, could have done better. I just hope to see humility, leadership, age, experience, wisdom and more strategic direction from a person who remembers how to be an elected citizen, not a professional politician - something I believe this and many other Presidents have forgotten. 
I have not lost hope, but my hope is in a Supreme God of all Nations, a Gospel message to all People and a Living Church for all time. 

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