Tuesday, January 5, 2016


  What do you do when you have one of "those weeks". Some people would say we had a "week from hell". I would say, I think much of the attacks we felt were from the powers of darkness, but I would not compare it to actual hell. 
Shanna and I were scheduled to speak on "The Story of Marriage" in church on Sunday. We had our kids home from college and lots of fun family stuff planned. We had days off work so we could rest. All this and more were important parts to our agenda for the week. 
Sickness, family issues, car issues (van is still stuck in the ice and dead), exhaustion, health insurance issues, more sickness and yes, even marriage issues (yes, even Shanna and I fight) made our holiday weeks very long and difficult. 
We also received several discouraging communications for important individuals over the holiday weeks but were ignored by others. Overall, we should say it was a pretty crappy holiday season. 
I'm not willing to do that, while accepting reality, and experiencing the full exhaustion of it all, I remember 2013 when I nearly died from a brain bleed. I remember being lonely and single with no family. I remember getting laid off from my favorite job. I remember church leaders dropping off and I remember going through 9/11. 

Our enemy last week was targeted and specific. Marriages and Families find it very difficult to withstand the attacks our evil without learning to walk in the Spirit of God, to be strong in the power of HIS might, and to not, I repeat, NOT fight against flesh and blood. 

After woman was made out of man, you know, in the garden. Man looked at her and said, "she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh." He recognized she was part of him, one with him. When we fight with our spouse, we fight with ourselves. Our war is not against flesh and blood, especially the flesh and blood from our own family and home. 

Our family can be hurtful, crazy or just a little irritating at times. These can turn into whispers of prayer for them, of whispers of accusations from the enemy into our hearts. 

Our week from hell was proof. It was proof that we are doing some things correct, making an impact and making our spiritual enemies afraid. We will be shaken, we will stay moving forward and will stay committed. 

Story fighting with your spouse and kids over every little and big thing. Fight the right enemy and win. When we win, we get to be the winner and to receive more joy from our family instead of pain and strife. 

I'm so glad that week is over and so glad for the fun times we had with the kids. Next time, we hope to pass the test again, where we trust God, even in the hardest of moments. 

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