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I love the good guy. Batman, Superman, Captain America, Hulk, Lone Ranger, oh yeah...Will Smith (MIB, iRobot, Bad Boys, Hitch) They love to save the day, beat the bad guy, get the girl and save the cat, to quote Donald Miller. 

What I love about Captain America is his view of teamwork. He is a Captain by virtue that he has a team to lead. 

One quote from his movie says, 
"Soldiers trust each other, that's what makes it an Army"

Most heroes fly solo and get all the glory. The Captain works with a team and shares both the stress and the glory. He is a Super Soldier, but truth is, his power lies in his function inside a team, an Army.  

I love stories where there are teams. I love stories where the team is a family. I know it is old fashioned, but I love stories about families like the von Trapp family, Seventh Heaven, Little House on the Prairie, The Jefferson's, and even the family from Fresh Prince. 

I love the conflict, the resolution, the commitment to be restored after the fight of the day, and the way everyone gets to play their own part. 

I even like the modern show Parenthood. Shanna hates the show because the people are so jacked up. It's frustrating watching them not getting help or getting better. I like the show for that exact reason, they are all jacked up. Actually, I told Shanna I liked it because just about every dysfunction a family could experience exists within that one family, and yet, they stay connected. 

We all need a team. We need friends. We truly need a family.

I am more convinced than ever to stop fighting with or against my family, and to begin trusting God and each other, as soldiers "FOR" the same cause, the same mission. As an Army of family members we must decide each day, what side we will be on and what battles to fight. 

Fight hate with love
Fight doubt with trust
Fight accusation with grace
Fight discouragement with hope
Fight disappointment with focus
Fight anger with joy
Fight apathy with prayer
Fight short tempers with patience
Fight criticism with kindness
and finally, 

Fight wasted years with new plans to turn back to your family, to become a stronger Army, to serve each other and with each other, and to receive the victory promised to those in unity around one mission, the mission God set us all on, to Love One Another.  



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