Tuesday, June 14, 2016


GEN Z EXAMPLE: OK .. today I had dinner with a family who had a teen girl going into high school She is probably what we would call a Gen Z girl, and not even a millennial. She wants to love everyone, especially the LGBT community. She even thought of joining their school club in order to be with them and show them love by befriending them directly.

FEAR BASED: I love that and I am a little frightened by it at the same time. I mean, what if she decides to be gay, what if she is brain washed and God forbid, what if she develops relationships where she brings gay friends to the house or to church, that will freaky right?

SICKNESS: I don't know. I just want to say that I love them and I'm sorry we point them out like they have a sickness. Like they have a brand on their head or a tag in their ear, as if to say, these are not people, they are a label, just another one of "those people".

I love members of the gay community for the following reasons.

A. They are creative and brilliant. There is an "artsy or brainy" stereotype with much of the gay community. I'm not saying it's good or bad, I'm saying it exists. I kind of like it. I like knowing more about the gay community, just because of stereotypes. For some of them, being talented in the arts is part of who God made them to be and personally, I love that.

B. They are normally very passionate. I'm just so bored with apathy, complacency, and lack of engagement. These folks generally seem passionate about lots of things, I love that.

C. They are brave. Those who live silently struggling with what they believe to be their true identity, or at least a point of confusion, do so with the threat of much negative reaction. Those who openly talk about or live their gay lifestyle, of whatever nature they believe in, are also brave to do so. I do not mean to say all LGBT members are brave, just as I don't say all heterosexual members are brave, I just see many who are.

D. Lastly, they are human and humans deserve a level of dignity, honor and compassion that all humans are entitled to. By God, every person on planet earth deserves dignity and honor. When a human is bad enough for society to not deserve these things anymore, they normally have become serial killers. Even then, when they have mental, emotional or other sick behaviors, we offer them dignity. I believe the LGBT community should be able to trust us, my faith community, for the dignity and honor all humans deserve.

In light of what has happened in Orlando, I trust these are more relevant than ever. Just in case some don't believe the things I have spoken and you want to protest, let me say, now is the time, this is not the place. Love every member of the human race and I think we will honor God and bring joy to those around us who are being attacked from so many directions.


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