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In the new world of ReImagine.Church, we put lots of emphasis on the power of our God given imagination. We depend on the Word of God and the Spirit of God as our primary sources of inspiration. However, we find guideposts and street-signs for our minds in the writings of other authors, men and women of faith who have gone before us.

Shanna and I believe in "The Well-Trained Mind" as much as we do the mind of Christ. I thank God for the opportunity to learn and grow. 

Below are just a few of the books I recommend you read as part of your growth as a RC Launch Team member. There are many other theology and Bible study books we will point out along the way, for now, these help you gain some idea about our heart and the ministry ideas that have impacted us over the years. I have chosen shorter books, so grab two at a time and dive in. Take notes and ask questions. 

Let's be life-long-learners together. 


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"The Release of the Spirit"  a.k.a.  "Breaking of the Outer Man" by: Watchman Nee
This book is a classic text about the way our spirit and the Holy Spirit cooperate to impact the world. 

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"Love Does" by: Bob Goff is one of the most fun and unusual readings in my recent history.  It helps remove the mystery around living an extraordinary life, while giving us permission to be radical and crazy for Jesus, in non-traditional terms that are relevant to the world we live in.

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"Praying up a Storm"  Dr. Bernard is a friend and mentor from many years back. His work in city-transformation has been epic and this book tells you why. This interesting take on the power of prayer is so helpful. 

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"It's Better to Build Boys than Mend Men" by: Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A is one of the most inspirational little books I have ever read. It shows us what you and I can do if we just focus on the ways God has allowed us to have impact, no matter how small. And, it reminds us how important investment into young people can be. 

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"Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions" by: George Barna might just be one of most important books you read this decade. This research based presentation does more than show us problems, it provides personal and corporate answers. It also challenges us to do more than raise good kids, but to help create spiritual champions. 

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"Dare to Dream" by: John C. Maxwell will be necessary reading for RC leaders in years to come. The Church has to once again learn to dream and learn to act on the dream God has given each of us. This book helps us take practical steps in that direction with the typical power-packed word-craft we have come to expect from Maxwell. 

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"Refuse to do Nothing" by: Moore & Yim calls out the modern day Abolitionist in each one of us. It highlights one of the most horrific conditions our modern day departure from God and morality has left us with. Human-Slaves are all around us, let's do more than watch, let's move. 

Image result for ReImagine, Crowe"ReImagine" by: Crowe could have been our church textbook, if I were smart enough to have written it, but, I wasn't. So, we will borrow it from Brent Crowe and make it our own for years to come. Speaking to our Imagination and the power to impact the world with our Imaginology, this book captures the nature of what God is doing in our church, very very well. 

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The Smart Stepfamily Marriage: Keys to Success in the Blended Family  -     By: Ron L. Deal, David H. Olson

"The Smart StepFamily"  and "The Smart StepFamily Marriage"  by: Ron Deal speaks to the new normal in our nation. Everyone of us are deeply impacted by the blended family, divorced family or step family. These two books help us see things as they are, not as we want them to be and to be part of the answer for these families who seek to thrive like everyone else. 


Billy & Shanna Ramsdell
Lead Pastors & Activators of Dreams

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