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Friends & Family,

This year Shanna and I began the process of planting a new ministry here in the wonderful State of Colorado, reaching the city with hope & love, the love of Christ. Planting new churches has proven to be the best and most effective way to transform a community. It takes lots of sacrifice, hard work and patience. In this journey, Shanna and I need you. 

ReImagine.Church makes the best of our spiritual foundation and traditions while living culturally intelligent enough to embrace the post modern, post Christian and very diverse society all around us. We love our assignment and have faith to believe God is working through us to bring hope and light, and great transformation to our city.

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In raising five children to be the next generation of Christian leaders, we have found our primary calling. We are parents, friends and pastors for sure, but we lead with the heart of a father and mother. For 22 years, Shanna and I have had the blessing of speaking to thousands of children, students, men and women. We see the need for deep discipleship, not just Sunday pew-sitting. See the video below as Shanna, Victoria and Eli are highlighted with friends in our city, working on projects that my team helps to lead. This year we had 1200 volunteers serving the city together. 

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We love adoption, orphan and refugee ministry. We love those who are far from God and who don't see life through our filters. Our focus on disciple-making will deliver dynamic but grounded Sunday services, midweek marriage ministry and inviting small groups all across the city. We are intentionally diverse in race, color, creed, age and stage of life. We love taking care of widows and will make specific efforts to effectively disciple singles, seniors and blended families while creating what we call an open-source leadership team. 

February we begin regular weekly services and small groups with occasional marriage ministry events. We will meet in the evenings for 30 weeks as we build the team and reach out to those far from God. September 2017 we will move to Sunday mornings. Our focus will be on people and networking rather than programs and buildings. We will be a church by the people, for the people. 

To ReImagine is to learn to see and hear God, through Christ, with fresh eyes and ears. We love a balance of God's Word, God's Spirit and God's People, creating life-giving environments with a culture of missions, prayer, family and hope. Our process of disciple-making and multiplication will lead those God sends to us to ReImagine, ReDiscover, ReDefine and ReEngage

To ReImagine means to be upward surrendered, outward reaching, Bible based, a house of prayer for all nations and an Acts chapter 2 family of God. We love passionate worship and young people of all kinds. On this journey we have been given a team of leaders and a core team of volunteers to help build and launch. We plan to carry our own salary through bi-vocational leadership and raise funds for the launch budget. Bringing on staff for worship, children and media ministry all require support. A facility, curriculum, insurance, website, database, equipment, legal status, and all the other logistical costs are coming. The question now is, Will You Help

  ____ Connect with prayer team. (Email & Cell # Required)
  ____ Connect financially. (End of Year Gift)
  ____ Connect financially. (Monthly Auto or by Check)
  ____ Connect as strategic partner. 
              (Host Info. Dinners/Meetings, Build Network)

For online giving, End of Year one time gift or regular monthly support, you can use our SUPPORT tab on the website.

Special Request: Please consider joining our monthly support team. This group pledges a monthly support level of whatever they feel they should invest, $25, $50, $75, $100 or more if possible. They pledge to begin in January 2017 and continue on for 17 months. This will get us to and through "launch" season with help and strength from helpful friends like yourself. There is no pressure, contract or expectation you will do anything but think with your heart of generosity. Help us reach single moms, orphans, the fatherless and hopeless. Join Club 17/17

Give Online @ (hit Support)

Give by Mail @
2084 Coldstone Way, Colorado Springs, CO. 80921

Thank You, 
Billy & Shanna Ramsdell
Lead Pastors

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