Friday, May 13, 2016

3 YES - 2 NO (going someplace)

I have found there are three YESes that make a huge difference in figuring out where we are going in life. There are two NOs that come with them.

The overall goal is an actual gain of five practices to GOING SOMEPLACE. 

YES - to having an end game, a picture of where you are going. This is not legalistic, it can change or adjust, it's just proof you are practicing the act of non-random. 

YES - to having goals that point in the direction of your end game. Such goals should really be short term benchmarks, not measures of worth. The goals are stops along the path to your bigger picture. 

YES - to friends who care about your plans and goals. If you care about living and working on purpose and leaving random to someone else, then get friends who care as well. 

NO - to situational decision making. Rather, use filters that move you toward your goals and keep you on the path. If you are free to change based on daily situations you will always have a reason to change. 

NO - to good ideas. Good ideas are probably the biggest threat to the goals and visions you hope to accomplish. Access to information, suggestions from friends, examples from other organizations, books, websites and your own imagination can all work for or against you. If you need help getting to your goals, all those resources are helpful. If we find new ideas to think about, that is called distraction, and most likely a very entertaining hindrance to your end game. 

3 YESes and 2 NOs = 5 steps to "GOING SOMEPLACE"

Open your mind and focus on future pictures that sprout from who God has created you to be. Use these categories to help you zero in and draw some pictures through words and conversations. What does the future look like and what goals get you there. 

Faith -- Family -- Fun -- Fitness -- Finance -- Career -- Education

Pray - Brainstorm - Dream - but don't live in the fantasy that life is an accident and your future are in the hands of chance. And don't make fear based goals that the world says are important, that is boring. 

Have fun!!!