Wednesday, August 31, 2016

PROPHETIC WORD (Hear, See & Say)

On December 27th, 2016 my daughter was leading worship at Antioch Church here in Colorado Springs.

My family and I took the Sunday off and joined them for worship. The vision is to Awaken, Equip & Send. I love that. It rings loudly in my heart and in that service a prophetic voice rose up inside me. 

As the team led us in worship and Pastor Jayde Duncan spoke the Word of God with boldness, more and more, the prophetic word rose up inside me. 

I had no true context or direction for the word, but I wrote it down and today, was reminded. 

There is a new sound, a new rhythm, a new cadence, the beat of a drum that makes a NEW sound. 

The sound is resounding far beyond human hearing. Spiritual darkness in shadows and hidden areas tremble at this sound. 

Fear begins to fear when faith rises to a crescendo, a swell and then a roar. God's Might & Terrible Power are released to overcome darkness at the sound of this ROAR. 

Be the sound
Be the rhythm
Be the cadence
Be the crescendo
Be the wave of Might Power and Love.

When children are not doing well. When sickness plagues our body. When our job is on the rocks. When kids are stolen for human trafficking. When teens kill themselves. When floods and tornadoes destroy homes and cities. When family abandons us and friends are hard to find. Turn you ear away from every sound that brings discouragement, doubt, unbelief, hate, anger and rage. 

Turn toward this sound, the sound of the Spirit of God in this generation. Inside you heart, God creates a resounding victory, amplified within the internal dynamo of your spirit. Put faith in a God who is singing a new song into your heart and let a strong roar echo from your own lips and mind. 

You are a living sound, your voice has power, your hope is contagious, your love is infectious and your faith activates miracles to happen. 

Speak, Sing, Shout, Live, Hope, Pray, Laugh, Smile, Care and be the living sound from Heaven. A New Sound to overcome every form of darkness in today's world. Be the Sound. 


Jesus said:  John 6:63Amplified Bible (AMP)

63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh conveys no benefit [it is of no account]. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and life [providing eternal life].

Learn to ReImagine life under the blessing and power of God. Learn to ReImagine family, finances, health, hope and passion. Learn to ReImagine marriage, parenting, sex, entertainment, hobbies, education and fun. Let your prophetic imagination rise up and be activated by God's Word and God's Spirit. 

Billy Ramsdell