Thursday, January 12, 2017

DAYFOUR [Janurary11] #ReImagine21Days2017

I am a day behind on my blogging.

So, today I will share Prayer Requests for you to add. 

The Ramsdell Family
(Faith, Finances, Health, Unity, Power, Emotions, Anointing) 
Billy, Shanna, Elizabeth, Hosanna, Benjamin, Victoria, Elias

The Church
(Team Members, Finances, Plans, Logistics, Goals, Anointing)

The Church Team
(Leaders in Children, Worship, Admin, Seniors, Singles, Military, Outreach, Teaching, More)

The City & Pastors
(Unity, Hope, Church Planters, Gangs, Schools, Military, More)

Please keep us all in prayer during this 21 days. 

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