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DAYTHREE [Janurary10] #ReImagine21Days2017

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Today is day three of our 21 days of prayer and fasting with #ReImagine21Days2017

Planting a church is an up and down experience already. I joke that my emotions used to flux up and down every few months, but now they do so every three days. 

Shanna and I make fun and share sarcasm about our experiences, but truth is, we are very serious about our future and the expectations we throw and speak into our future. 

This week, as I spend extra effort pressing in to find and hear and see what God is speaking to me, I am thankful he is not silent. 

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Expectations, Hunger, Thirst, and Desperation are all words in my Holy Ghost Vocabulary this week. 

A friend from Bible College (20 years ago) and I were having a FB conversation about Expectations. I wanted to share what I wrote to help you move forward in this new year and to shake of shame, doubt, hate, bitterness, distractions and boredom. 
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Here you go.   Joshua 3:5 "....Consecrate yourselves...for tomorrow...something amazing will happen....." 

1. I am not advocating for the lies that "More and Better" in worldly terms is our target and goal. 

2. I am not the Holy Spirit, who is our teacher and who will interpret God's Word and the world around us to us, way better than I can, especially in a personal contextual kind of way. 

3. I believe church people and professing Christians in the US are largely stuck in Egypt. They love the comfort it provides and are deceived about the slavery to stuff, media, food, entertainment, and someone else telling them how to live. They have yet to cross the river into the promise land, never to look back, and to learn to see, hear and follow God on their own. 

4. That leads me to this question, in light of expecting more, I would ask, "what is the Spirit of God saying". 

5. Expectations, Hunger and Thirst are the lifeline that attaches us to our faith journey. When we found salvation through Christ, we were hungry for change and we expected God's Grace and Love to fill our hearts as we confessed and believed and repented. (Most didn't repent). But, we believed the preacher-man when he offered eternal life. Our expectation of eternal life and a life filled with love on this earth went up, so we turned to him. It's our Conscience saying to, run to the cross. If a person is not hungry for the salvation offered through the cross, running to the cross means nothing. If I sit at the table to eat dinner, have a plate put in front of me full of food but I am not hungry enough to eat, I just don't value the dinner nor do I eat. 

6. Expectation, in my opinion, is the breeding ground for what God wants to do in our future. It's were we meet the promises of God and activate them in prayer before they even take place. We begin to hear the Spirit of God about our future and we begin praying into it and expecting it. Not in terms of material things...while that could be an area we see, but in terms of our future. Our health, our job, our family, our city, our assignment, our friendships, our money, our hope, our character, our wisdom, our church, etc...... 

Henry Blackaby taught us to see where God was at work and join him. Why would we do that if we did not expect something amazing and Godly to happen. We wouldn't, and many don't. Those who here that teaching and say..."Yes, God is doing something great and I will just see where he is working and join him".... they have to activate expectations and act on a hunger and thirst for God in order to join God in what he is doing, in a meaningful way.
Lastly, we expect so little from God. We think he created the family, the nature, the church, the Bible, the government, etc.....but, we act like he is too small to fix any of it or use any of it. We live in fear, opinions, arguments and ideas, instead of faith that God is in charge of EVERYTHING and actively involved in EVERYTHING. 

Research: Ask 20 people to stop right now and write down what they hope and expect to happen in the next 24 months. Give them categories of areas of life to help. Most of them will create a "wish list" at best. They expect little of their future, and mostly, when they get there, little will be waiting to meet them. Wow, that was not short....
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Click for a Praise Video that Helps Build Expectations

I am expecting greater moves of God in my future. Not something to happen to me, but for me and those who do life with me to BE the move of God our homes need, our city needs. 

I hunger for his presence and thirst for his love. I hunger and thirst for wisdom and insight, for the power of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus, to once again fill me. 

My name is Billy and I am addicted to the love of God through Christ, and I can't do anything about it. 

Billy Ramsdell @ ReImagine Church

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