Friday, January 6, 2017


Are you Broken?  I am Broken. 

My college daughter, Hosanna, and I talked this week about helping Broken people. We talked about the pain, addiction, betrayal, abuse, hurt and loneliness experienced by Broken people. Truth is, as we reflected on the idea of "What is Broken" and who are the Broken people, we concluded that most of us are Broken, some just don't admit it, or some cover it up by the mask they put on each day. 

Over the past weeks, in particular, as we transitioned from 2016, which was a year of highs and lows for me, I am reminded, I AM BROKEN. I don't want to just BE Broken, I want to realize, confess, repair, mend and heal my Brokenness and help others do the same. I also want to protect myself from unnecessary Brokenness, self inflicted or something done to me. 

As we begin the new year, I am experiencing a new level of Brokenness. I don't often talk about it. I guess it makes men look and sound weak when they talk about their problems. My Brokenness is less about my own problems and more about what my heart is doing in response to my own sin, the situations I see every day around me and the land I have been assigned to. There are a few larger issues that cause deep Brokenness as well, some of this I can't even find words for. But, I will try. First, I want to define what I mean by Brokenness. 

Today a family in our State of Colorado is broken over the death of their small son who apparently drowned in a frozen pond near their home. 
That is one kind of Brokenness.

A friend in Florida battles for her marriage. There has been unfaithfulness, financial struggles and serious illness. The marriage has seen better days and they are trying to hold things together, but everyday is a battle. 
That is another kind of Brokenness. 

Another friend has spent a large part of his life going to church and doing church life with his family. He even went to a Christian College and helped start a new church.  Now, he has decided his faith in God was misplaced and has come up with a new version of faith, a random set of conclusions that are really fluid and not helpful when asking the harder questions in life. He is broken in his heart and has tears and sadness when talking about hearing God and following Christ. Something caused a serious set of doubts to come in, now a sadness looms every day. 
That is another kind of Brokenness. 

Over the weekend I was reading from the Facebook page of a pastor who betrayed and lied then blamed his church when he got busted. I was part of that church. It was a decade ago and still, when I read about him, I have feelings of betrayal and anger. This is Brokenness, but not because of my angry feelings, rather, because of my Soul being Broken. When my mind, will or emotions are violated or confused, Brokenness is evident. Trust broken is a huge element of Brokenness for us all

I watched some movies over the holiday break, all about justice for slaves or those in captivity. The Free State of Jones, Amazing Grace and other movies that touch the issue of human slavery invoke great passion from me. I want to get up and do something. I read about modern slavery and learn that we have more human slaves alive on planet earth today, than every before. In every part of the world, people, children, are being abused, enslaved and mistreated, for the benefit of other humans making a profit from them. This seems like a social justice issue, and it is. But, truly, it's an issue of the Broken Soul. 

There are acts and attitudes that cause Brokenness in our society. Crime, abuse, lying, bullying, drug abuse, divorce, rape and all other forms of dysfunction in society cause cracks in our societal  foundation and cause us to see Brokenness around us. Just listen to or watch the news, it's all about how Broken we are. However, what we see and hear is normally a cause or result of Brokenness and not the real Brokenness. When a man walks into a store with a gun and robs them, shooting the clerk to death and running out with $500 to go buy drugs, that seems like Brokenness, but it is really a result of Brokenness. 

To Define True Brokenness. 

We get upset over the results of Brokenness. We medicate ourselves, try to fix ourselves, start programs and projects to fix Brokenness, but most never get to the root of the issue. The Brokenness of the Human Soul is the real problem. 

The Human Soul is filled with the Spirit of God, our creator. All of us have the image of God inside us. Our Soul and Spirit are housed inside the Body, with our five senses set as tools to help us relate to the world around us. The design of every human is to be filled with God's Love and Wisdom from the inside out. When our Spirit is alive with God's Love, surrendered to Him in our everyday life, then our Soul and Body are ready to walk in the redemptive power and wisdom they were meant to. 

Instead, our Soul, our mind, will and emotions, stay subservient to our Flesh, or our Unrestrained Body, our five senses. Most of us live our days being dominated by what we see, smell, hear, taste and touch. We rarely pursue a deeper growth of the Soul. We stay Broken in our Soul, it just cannot function the way it was meant to. 

We are bored, we are lonely, we are angry and frustrated. We are hopeless, prideful and mean. 

When we surrender the Brokenness of our Soul to the God who created us, asking him to fill us from the inside out and to take control of our life, we receive a new Grace, in our Spirit, a Power to overcome the Brokenness of the Soul and to exercise self discipline over the five senses that often lead us down paths that are unhealthy in every way. 

The solution for a Broken Soul is a Surrendered Heart. The Heart is where our passion flows in and out. We do what we are passionate about. We love who we are passionate about. We hope for the things that touch a place of passion inside us. Not sexual passion, that is lust, but the kind of passion that would make us sacrifice. 

The solution for the Broken Soul is a Surrendered Heart. Never think we need to stop the process of surrender. It never ends. With the surrender comes a flood of Grace, into our Mind, Will and Emotions, led by our Spirit, and properly utilizing the Body and Five Senses we are given as tools. 

ReImagine Brokenness as your friend. 

ReImagine Brokenness as your foundation. 

ReImagine Brokenness as your honest cry to God

Turn to Him Again Today
He will Fill You
Heal You
Lead You
Speak To You
Pour Grace Upon You

ReImagine Brokenness as your guiding light to the Heart of God and the Feet of Jesus. Finding God's Heart through the Salvation Jesus Christ provides for us who are willing to surrender - this is profound joy from Brokenness - this is supernatural blessing where Christ is the reward your Soul has longed for all this time. 

Psalm 51:17      Psalm 34:18      Proverbs 25:28
Matthew 24:43 (context)
Hebrews 4:12      3 John 1:2

Billy Ramsdell @ RaImagine Church